The professional facial cleansing is an aesthetical treatment ideal to preserve the face´s skin hygene hydrated and revitalized. It is a non-invasive procedure that will help fight internal and external factors that make the skin that make the skin accumulate dirt, lose vitality and luminosity.

Facial cleansing will help us eliminate impurities and dead cells, to renew the skin and prevent cell aging. The combination of physical agents and dermocosmetic techniques allow us to purify, hydrate and renew the skin, making it smoother and more radiant.

All facials are completely personalized, depending on the diagnosis of your skin type and current needs.

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Deep facial cleanser

It is a professional cleaning where a diagnosis of skin conditions is first made, knowing its characteristics and needs and using cosmetic products and specific procedures for your skin.

We start with a cleaning with foam or cleansing gel to remove makeup, sunscreen or cream from the face.

We continue with exfoliation, steam, manual extraction if required, high frequency application and mask according to need.

While waiting for the mask, you receive a relaxing shoulder, neck and head massage.

We remove the mask, apply toner, eye contour cream, serum and sunscreen.

Deep facial cleansing is ideal for healthy skin, skin prior to cosmetic treatment, and as a complement to your facial care routine.

Keep skin clean and ready for greater penetration of active ingredients that will bring you more benefits.

Reduces expression lines

Refines the pore and hydrates the skin

Prepare your facial skin for a greater glow and texture by combining these therapies

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