Learning from the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a group of vessels, organs and tissues that has essential functions for life, such as draining excess water from the body, transporting the fats that we absorb in the intestine and contributing to the immune defense response against an infectious agent.

It is a transport system similar to the circulatory system with the difference that it is not a closed system but rather that it begins in the body tissues, continues through the lymphatic vessels and flows into the blood, thus making a unidirectional path.

The lymphatic system carries lymph, which is a whitish fluid made up mainly of white blood cells, fats, proteins, and salts.

In optimal health conditions, the lymphatic system is capable of eliminating waste by itself, unfortunately, our current lifestyle, poor diet, little or no physical activity, and excess toxins in our food and in the environment, make there is an overexertion in our system, to the point of collapsing and stop fulfilling its functions in a normal way. This becomes noticeable when perceiving poor digestion, weight gain, dull skin, and slow metabolism.

In other situations, the lymphatic system is affected by surgical, aesthetic, traumatic procedures or some diseases that directly affect the immune system. In this way, manual lymphatic drainage is a support technique that allows to control and recover the functions of the lymphatic system in a smooth, precise and sustained manner.

Let's talk about

Manual lymphatic drainege

The Manual Lymphatic Drainege is not just a technic that makes you feel good, it´s a unique experience. It has a wide range of aesthetic and medical indications for diverse health ailment.

From a sinusitis to a vascular insufficiency covering different branches of medicine, this technic is a complementary or preventative help to preserve health.

It's important to highlight that it is NOT a massage, but it is within the field of alternative therapies.

The Manual Lymphatic Drainege is a gentle, rithmic and repetitive technique, that helps stimulate the lymphatic Flow, by gentle tissues movements (since the lymphatic capilaries are found in the superficial level) helps elevate the immunological response (creating new attacking cells) activates digestive processes (this is where 85% of the lymphatic system is found) reduces pain from neuralgic origin(activating the autonomous parasymphatetic nervious system) and reduces edemas, hematomas and inflammation (by helping the reabsorption of waste products from the body). it can go hand in hand with other treatments or techniques creating a synergy to achieve the desired objectives.

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Price package


  • Pre/Poss Lymphatic drainage - Session

  • $ 1000 MXN
  • Facial Lymphatic drainage - Session

  • $ 1000 MXN

Frequent questions

  • 1. Who is manual lymphatic drainage for?
    Lymphatic drainage treatment can be applied by healthy people who want to prevent or preserve their current state of health, chronic digestive problems (constipation, dyspepsia, intestinal malabsorption syndrome, ascites), hypertension, hypothyroidism, post-surgical or post-traumatic recovery, chronic pain, edema, lymphedema, lipedema, cellulite, insomnia, stress, anxiety, vascular insufficiency, preeclampsia in pregnancy, organic detoxification.
  • 2. What are the contraindications of manual lymphatic drainage?
    People with a Cardiovascular problem (angina pectoris, heart failure or arrhythmias), active cancer or with a short time of recession, hyperthyroidism, nephritic edema, fever, asthmatic crisis, phlebitis, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and some autoimmune diseases.

When attending a manual lymphatic drainage session, a previous interview of habits and health conditions is carried out, as well as a clinical record, to find out if you are a candidate for a drainage, personalize the treatment to follow, and achieve the objectives in less time and in the best conditions.

This way your visit becomes the best experience.