What is aesthetic medicine?

Especialista Ana Vasquez

Aesthetic medicine consists of a set of techniques or actions that improve the physical appearance of an individual, whether male or female. Among the most well-known and common physical changes we can find the following:

Facelift, anti-wrinkle actions, laser hair removal, filler injections among others.

This type of medicine does not perform major surgical procedures that require general anesthesia. On the contrary, the objective of this type of medicine is to help the patient feel better about his physique but through small interventions that only require local anesthesia.

Especialista en Micropigmentación y Micronedling Olga Litvin
Olga Litvin
Esp. Micropigmentation
and Microblading

Médico Estético Gilberto Sanchez
Dr. Gilberto Sánchez
Aesthetic doctor

Enfermera Jaqueline Castañeda
Jaqueline Ávila
Laser hair

Médico Estético Iván Wong
Dr. Ivan Wong
Aesthetic doctor